State Grid Corporation of China released “Electric Vehicle ChaoJi Conductive Charging Technology White Paper”

A few days ago, State Grid Corporation of China and Japan’s CHAdeMO Association (Japan Electric Vehicle Fast Charger Association) released the “Electric Vehicle ChaoJi Conductive Charging Technology White Paper” and the CHAdeMO3.0 standard, focusing on the new generation of electric vehicle charging technology.

The China Electricity Council and the CHAdeMO Council jointly launched the research work on the ChaoJi industrialization development route, marking that the ChaoJi charging technology is basically mature and has entered a new stage of standard formulation and industrial application.

Click to download the full document: “Electric Vehicle ChaoJi Conductive Charging Technology White Paper”

The new generation of ChaoJi charging technology is a complete set of solutions for the DC charging system for electric vehicles. Aiming at the problems existing in the existing charging systems in the world, the charging safety, charging power, structural design, forward compatibility and future applications have been carried out. overall enhancement. The current real vehicle test results show that the ChaoJi charging technology has a maximum charging current of 360 amps, and the future charging power can reach 900 kilowatts. Electric vehicles can travel 400 kilometers in 5 minutes. The technology has broad application prospects and can meet the special needs of heavy-duty vehicles and other models while covering the mainstream passenger car field.

The “White Paper on ChaoJi Conductive Charging Technology for Electric Vehicles” released this time systematically sorts out the research background and status quo of the new generation of charging technology, focusing on elaborating the new generation ChaoJi charging system, communication protocols and technical solutions for connecting components, and proposes technical standards and plans. Industry Planning. Experts from both China and Japan believe that the release of the white paper provides the world with a complete, fast, safe, compatible and low-cost charging system solution, which will effectively promote the accelerated maturity and internationalization of ChaoJi charging technology, reduce the cost of electric vehicle R&D and manufacturing, and expand the scope of popularization. , to improve user convenience. Ouyang Minggao, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and professor of Tsinghua University, said that ChaoJi charging technology will play an active role in solving the problems of electric vehicle charging safety and durability.

In March 2016, the State Grid Corporation of China, together with the China Electricity Council, started the pre-research work on high-power charging technology in my country. The first International Conference on New Charging Interface Projects held in July 2019 officially named the new generation charging interface technical solution proposed by China as “ChaoJi”, which was widely recognized by experts from the United States, Europe, Japan and other countries and regions. Based on the same technical route, Japan has simultaneously compiled a new generation of charging standard CHAdeMO3.0.

The formulation and revision of two Chinese national standards for electric vehicle conduction charging systems were launched at the same time. Relevant government departments and industry representatives from China and Japan stated that they will further deepen pragmatic cooperation, jointly create a good industrial ecological environment for ChaoJi charging technology, promote the upgrading of charging technology and the internationalization of standards, and jointly promote ChaoJi charging technology to become a universal standard with global compatibility .

Click to download the full document: “Electric Vehicle ChaoJi Conductive Charging Technology White Paper”

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