STMicroelectronics (ST) and Quantenna Collaborate on Highly Compact 4K Wi-Fi Client Reference Design

In China, across multiple Electronic applications, the world’s leading semiconductor supplier STMicroelectronics (ST; NYSE: STM) and the world’s largest provider of ultra-high-performance Wi-Fi solutions, Quantenna Communications, Inc. Announced that both parties’ reference designs for playback of high-quality 4K video over a home Wi-Fi network on a highly compact fanless set-top box are now available for sale. This reference design has excellent indoor network coverage, higher portability and multi-machine sharing capabilities.
Eric Benoit, Head of Product Line Director, Consumer Electronics, STMicroelectronics, said: “ST unveiled the world’s first wireless client chip for a single-chip HD set-top box at the 2015 International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in the Netherlands. Cannes Wi-Fi (STiH390), and this partnership represents ST’s entry into the 4K UHD market. The technology integration between the two parties will help equipment manufacturers develop cost-effective, design-flexible 4K wireless solutions that enable consumers to Get the perfect multimedia experience at home.”
The new reference design set-top box incorporates ST’s market-proven high-performance Cannes 4K ARM® quad-core system-on-chip. This new product, which is already on the market, not only integrates advanced middleware, but also has a strong development ecosystem that enables customers to rapidly develop high-profile solutions with short development cycles.
The cost and system of ST’s Cannes 4K SoC have been optimized and improved. After integration with the Quantenna QSR1000, through a 4×4 MIMO architecture that supports DynaMMO (Dynamic Multipurpose MIMO) technology, dynamic digital beamforming and four spatial streams, Provides outstanding performance, transmission distance, reliability and coverage. The standardized STMicroelectronics Quantenna reference design is compatible with all third-party 802.11ac and 802.11n products.
Harpreet Chohan, senior director of product marketing at Quantenna Communications, said: “Users can use set-top boxes, OTT platforms and consumer electronics at home to achieve the same comfort, and the QSR1000 is particularly suitable for wireless multimedia transmission, which can achieve cable-equivalent video transmission quality. Nearly 2Gbps The total throughput allows the reference design to robustly deliver carrier-grade IPTV to multiple 1080p Full HD or 4K Ultra HD devices, penetrating concrete walls and floors of multi-storey homes, covering every corner of the room.”
About Quantenna Communications
Quantenna is the world’s largest provider of ultra-high performance Wi-Fi semiconductors and system software solutions, setting the industry benchmark for Wi-Fi transmission speed, distance, energy efficiency and reliability. Quantenna continues to innovate, launching the first 10G next-generation Wi-Fi wireless access point technology for homes, businesses and public spaces. Compared with the existing solutions in the market, Quantenna’s Wi-Fi solution is several generations ahead, with faster data transmission speed, longer transmission distance, more connected devices, and more reliable operation. With the MAUI Wi-Fi cloud analysis tool, Enables service providers to provide customers with real-time and automated Wi-Fi monitoring, optimization and self-healing capabilities 24/7 for the best Wi-Fi wireless network user experience.
Quantenna’s Wi-Fi chipset customers include the world’s top tier retail OEMs and telecom, cable, and satellite service providers, including AT&T, DirecTV, Orange and Telefonica. Quantenna has the highest performance Wi-Fi solutions in the industry, dedicated to realizing more perfect Wi-Fi applications. For more details, visit: or follow Quantenna on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
About STMicroelectronics
STMicroelectronics (ST) is the world’s leading semiconductor company, providing innovative and advanced products and solutions that bring smarter and more energy-efficient electronics to people and enhance the convenience of daily life. ST’s products are everywhere, working with customers to enable smart driving, smart factories, smart cities and smart homes, as well as next-generation mobility and IoT products. STMicroelectronics advocates the concept of smart technology leading smart life (life.augmented).
STMicroelectronics had net revenue of $7.40 billion in 2014 and has 100,000 customers worldwide. For details, please visit the STMicroelectronics website

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