The SID/DSCC Business Conference TV Session Drills into the Market & Technology Battles

The 2021 SID/DSCC Virtual Business Conference at DisplayWeek, sponsored by Applied Materials, Corning, GE, OTI, Radiant Vision Systems and TOK will feature over 40 different talks on all aspects of the Display industry. One of five application-oriented sessions of the conference will address the market for TVs and TV displays, which is so critical for the supply/demand balance of the display industry.

The session entitled “TV Display Technology and Markets” will feature presentations from three analysts, representing DSCC, The NPD Group and Omdia, plus executives from two companies providing materials for wide color gamut.

“My own presentation will bring DSCC’s insight of the TV supply chain and TV display technology, and I have chosen the other two analysts for their deep knowledge and longstanding analysis of the TV industry”, said Bob O’Brien, Co-Founder of DSCC. “I have known both Stephen Baker and Paul Gagnon for decades, and I am certain that attendees will value their insight and perspective as I do. In addition, we will hear from advocates of competing approaches to wide color gamut, driving TVs to ever more brilliant pictures.”

TV Display Technology and Markets Presenters

The SID/DSCC Business Conference TV Session Drills into the Market & Technology Battles

Each presenter’s talk is summarized below:

  • Bob O’Brien, Co-Founder, Principal Analyst and CFO, DSCC

The TV industry has benefited from increased demand during the pandemic, and the top brands have generated unprecedented profitability. Demand for LCD TV panels has pulled panel prices from all-time lows to their highest point in years, boosting profitability for panel makers as well. This presentation will review the state of the industry for major brands and panel makers, and the battle for the premium segment among competing brands and technologies.

The premium TV space drives display innovation for improvements in brightness, color, resolution, contrast, and other metrics. We will outline the technology battle between OLED and LCD today, and show how DSCC expects this battle to play out as new technologies like QD OLED, MiniLED, and MicroLED emerge. We will draw from DSCC’s reports on TV cost and advanced TV shipments, and describe the strategies of major global TV brands as they compete for the premium TV market.

  • Stephen Baker, VP, Industry Advisor, Technology & Mobile, The NPD Group

US TV sales were at historic highs in 2020 as the Pandemic drove people into their homes. As 2021 unfolds what is the forecast for TV sales in the US? Can this momentum continue in the face of such huge increases and industry pressures?

  • Paul Gagnon, Senior Research Director of Consumer Devices, Omdia

2020 was an exceptional time in every regard, and TV demand surged to the highest level in 5 years, reaching record levels in North America in particular. Omdia will share insights around the drivers of the strong demand, where sales were strongest, and what to expect in 2021. While demand drivers are positive in some regions today, there are challenges ahead, especially with rising costs and shifting pandemic-related growth drivers and inhibitors.

  • Jason Hartlove, President and CEO, Nanosys

Quantum dot technology has enhanced and transformed the premium TV space, and Nanosys has been at the forefront of quantum dot development and manufacturing. Jason will share Nanosys’ latest developments in the technology and how it is being applied across the display space.

  • Dr. James Murphy, LED Phosphor Program Manager, Principal Research Scientist, GE Global Research
  • Rachel A. Cassidy, PhD, MBA, VP of Patent Licensing, GE Licensing

Walk into your local electronics store and the red color emitting from many of the displays will be GE phosphor technology. Since first being introduced into the display industry in 2014, the red-line emission of K2SiF6:Mn4+ phosphor (PFS/KSF) centered at 631 nm has become the market leading wide color gamut solution for 4K UHD TVs, tablets, phones, monitors and laptops. KSF provides a cost effective, on-chip LED solution for wide color gamut displays that is RoHS compliant. As opposed to OLED or quantum dot containing displays, KSF-based LEDs are a drop-in replacement in LCD BLUs and do not require additional remote films and/or barrier encapsulants to achieve excellent reliability. This presentation will discuss the technology and licensing strategy that have enabled this success and the path forward around integration into future displays with higher color gamut (>90% BT.2020) and additional functionality (minileds, remote films, microleds) versus current HDR 4K/8K displays. Although the narrow-band emission of KSF enables improved brightness and wider color gamut relative to InP QDs, a more narrow-band emitting green phosphor continues to be a need in the display industry. An update on GE’s efforts around narrow-band green phosphor development will also be presented.

The TV Display Technology and Market session is just one of the nine sessions in the 2021 SID/DSCC Virtual Business Conference at DisplayWeek but will highlight the largest and most important application in the display industry. Attendees will access presentations by the leading analysts and executives in the display industry covering the most important market and technology developments in displays. Display Week 2021 will take place from May 16-21 as an entirely virtual event. Registration for Display Week can be found at www.displayweek.org.