Toshiba MIG75Q7CSB1X New Stock

Toshiba MIG75Q7CSB1X New Stock

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Toshiba MIG75Q7CSB1X is a high power insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) module designed for use in various power electronic applications, including industrial motor drives, power supplies, and renewable energy systems.

The MIG75Q7CSB1X has maximum collector current rating 75A, collector-emitter voltage rating 600V. It has low on-state voltage drop, which helps to reduce power loss and improve efficiency.

The MIG75Q7CSB1X features compact & rugged design, with integrated heatsink that allows for easy installation and operation in harsh environment.

It also incorporates built-in temperature sensor, provides real-time feedback to help prevent thermal overload & ensure safe operation.

Overall, the Toshiba MIG75Q7CSB1X is high-performance IGBT module that offers excellent power handling capabilities, easy installation in wide range of industrial & commercial applications.

7IPM: 75A 1200V