Toshiba TV Launches QA4C and QL4C Quantum Dot Colour TV Ranges 

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Toshiba TV Launches QA4C and QL4C Quantum Dot Colour TV Ranges  

Toshiba TV Launches QA4C and QL4C Quantum Dot Colour TV Ranges 

Toshiba TV is set to bring more colour, detail and vibrancy to the screen with the launch of its new Quantum Dot Colour frameless TVs. Designed in 65”/55”/50”/43” screen sizes, the QA4C 4K HDR Android TVTM devices and QL4C 4K HDR Smart TVs offer a step-up cinema-at-home experience. With Quantum Dot Colour, the TVs give you next-level image realism, unlocking up to one billion true-to-life colours. Immersing you more deeply in the on-screen action, they maximise the TV performance with features, such as Toshiba TV’s TRU Picture Engine, and Sound by Onkyo, as well as Dolby Atmos and DTS Virtual:X for the QL4C series.  

“We are extremely proud to launch the QA4C and QL4C TV series,” said Barış Altınkaya, Deputy General Manager of Marketing and Product Management for Toshiba TVs in Europe. “With the addition of Quantum Dot Colour technology to our extensive range of audio-visual features, we believe that we can bring our customers closer to the on-screen action. Turning every football match and TV show into a big-screen viewing experience, the TVs build on the capabilities of HDR and audio technologies to deliver brilliant lifelike colour and definition, as well as more authentic and immersive sound.”  

Quantum Dot Colour 

Designed to capture life in full colour, the QA4C and QL4C Quantum Dot Colour TVs produce more precisely defined, and realistic colours that can retain their vibrancy in even the brightest scenes. Covering 90% of the DC1-P3 colour gamut, their vastly extended range of up to one billion colours delivers imagery in exactly the right shades and hues. This means that primary colours, such as greens and reds can be displayed in all their glory with much better accuracy than on standard LED TVs.  

Cinema-at-home viewing 

Both the TV ranges give you everything you need to enjoy an ultra-convenient cinema-at-home experience. Delivering crystal clear 4K Ultra HD imagery from within a sleek frameless design, they maximise the screen space, while also bringing you wider, more inclusive viewing angles. With cinema-inspired technology, Dolby Vision HDR, they also offer ultra-vivid, lifelike imagery, enabling you to see content exactly as the film directors and creators intended. 

Toshiba TV TRU Picture Engine and Specialist Viewing Modes 

The TVs’ TRU Picture Engine refines the on-screen picture of whatever you are watching. To bring you true-to-life imagery, TRU Picture Engine draws on three image technologies- TRU Resolution, TRU Micro Dimming and TRU Flow. TRU Resolution upscales the picture quality of non-4K broadcasts, while TRU Micro Dimming enhances the dynamic contrast performance. TRU Flow reduces motion blur, enabling the TVs to keep up with, and smooth the on-screen motion for every action scene, and every tackle on the football pitch. With the dedicated viewing modes, the TVs’ settings for all your sports, movies, and games can also be tweaked and optimised. 

Cinema-at-home Audio with Sound by Onkyo, Dolby Atmos and DTS Virtual:X 

The TVs’ integrated Onkyo-engineered speakers power the audio performance, offering rich and dynamic sound. Working with both Dolby Atmos, and DTS Virtual: X, the Q4LC TV speakers further enhance the audio to deliver a more immersive virtual surround sound experience. This enables you to hear sound from all around you, even overhead. The speakers’ compatibility with both Dolby Atmos and DTS Virtual:X ensures that you can enjoy multi-directional, all-encompassing audio for vast libraries of content from both Dolby Atmos and DTS.  

Android TV 

The QA4C TVs make it easy to find more of the content you love. With Android TV, you can access movies and shows from across streaming services, including Disney+, HBO, Netflix, Prime Video, and Twitch. Download all your favourite apps and games from Google Play, and cast photos, videos and music from smart devices straight to your TV with Chromecast built-inTM


Toshiba Smart TV Platform 

Designed with Toshiba TV’s Linux-based operating system, the QL4C Smart TVs bring you the latest entertainment from major apps and streaming services, such as Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, and Twitch.  

Voice Control 

Whatever you decide to watch, both TV ranges will deliver a more convenient home entertainment experience, with the support of a voice assistant. For either series, press the Google Assistant button on your remote to quickly search 500,000+ movies and shows, get recommendations to match your mood, control smart home devices, and more. For the QL4C range, you can also use your Alexa devices to control the TVs with your voice.