Webinar: The Five W’s of Holographic Displays – Part I of II

So what is a Holographic Display? Avalon Holographics will set the record straight beginning with the first of two webinars entitled: The Five W’s of Holographic displays. This informative webinar takes place on June 2nd at 12pm Eastern Daylight Time. Part II will take place on June 29 at the same time.

Join the webinar to hear a presentation from Wally Haas, President and Co-founder, along with Russ Baker, Vice President of Business Development and Co-founder of Avalon Holographics. They will discuss the Who, What, When, Where, and Why of Holographic Displays today – although not necessarily in that order. At the end of the series, you should be able to answer:

Part I: Why, What and Who

  • What are holograms and why are they useful?
  • What is, and what is not, a holographic display?
  • How do they work?
  • Who in the industry is making which technologies?

Part II: Where and When

  • What did I learn in Part I again?
  • Where are holographic displays needed?
  • When will the technology be available and adopted by different markets?
  • How can holograms help you?

Both sessions will be followed by a live moderated session and questions from attendees.

Webinar: The Five W’s of Holographic Displays - Part I of II

Holograms have fascinated us for decades. From Marty McFly’s encounter with a 3D Jaws in “Back to the Future 2,” to Princess Leia’s holographic plea for help in Star Wars “Episode IV: A New Hope,” and Tony Stark’s incredible fabrication lab in Iron Man – Hollywood has fueled a futuristic, sci-fi dream of fully immersive holograms. As a result, what we’ve come to expect can sometimes be a far cry from what is truly possible.

Avalon Holographics is leading the next wave of display technology with professional holographic displays that revolutionize the way people produce, view and understand visual content. By replicating the experience of looking at real objects, Avalon’s holographic displays produce realistic, comfortable, and accessory-free immersive experiences.

Avalon’s 29” Proto-Maxwell Holographic Display and Raydiance Software Development Kits (SDKs) offer a best-in-class, fully holographic display designed to present rich 3D content without the need for accessories such as glasses or headsets. The display creates a shared viewing experience for multiple users, improving collaboration and facilitating real-time decision making in high-stakes scenarios.

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