What should flexible smart logistics look like in the 5G era?

Under the blessing of 5G, with the characteristics of low latency, high bandwidth and large connection transmission, laser navigation AGV will usher in a new application mode.

Under the original technical system, limited by the transmission delay and bandwidth bottleneck, in order to ensure the flexibility of the application, the functions of the laser navigation AGV are more built into the local end and operate independently in the form of a stand-alone machine.

With the support of 5G, the laser navigation AGV will no longer be limited by transmission, but will be connected to the control center in real time as an execution terminal, supporting the assignment of tasks to the AGV at any time.

The background can track the whole process of AGV through audio and video sensing terminals, control the logistics handling trajectory and status in real time, and can arbitrarily interrupt, restore, and adjust the executed tasks to achieve unprecedented flexibility and flexibility.

The second is to improve the level of intelligence. The laser navigation AGV realizes the real-time interaction between the front-end and the center through networking. With the support of 5G high bandwidth, many AI algorithms that originally need to be run locally can be transplanted to the back-end cloud, which greatly reduces the computing load of the front-end AGV.

Not only that, while reducing the burden, the laser navigation AGV can also add more sensors to improve the multi-dimensional perception capability; in addition, with the blessing of 5G, the huge data sensed by the AGV can be sent back to the computing center in real time, with the help of the huge computing in the background. It can provide faster, more accurate, and more comprehensive AI analysis, and then deliver accurate instructions to laser navigation AGVs to improve flexible logistics handling capabilities.

The third is to improve the scene adaptability. With the improvement of the level of intelligence, the capabilities of laser navigation AGV in environmental perception, behavior perception, obstacle response, and system coordination will be comprehensively improved, and it can adapt to complex work scenarios such as multiple obstacles, cross-floor, and cluttered warehouses, ensuring the logistics handling process. Safe, stable, reliable and organized.

The fourth is to reduce human intervention. The communication network constructed by 5G will run through every node device of the smart factory, realize the intelligent networking and management of smart manufacturing, greatly reduce the number of factory personnel and the frequency of human intervention, and improve the level of factory automation.

As the backbone of logistics handling, laser navigation AGV will realize automatic docking and handling of materials throughout the process, improve handling efficiency and reduce labor costs.

The fifth is to open up business barriers. The logistics handling system is only one of the organic components of the smart factory. Under the empowerment of 5G, the isolated state of each associated system will be opened up and efficiently integrated into an organic whole. The AGV dispatching system has been realized with WMS, MES, ERP and other production The management system is seamlessly connected.

When there is an order, the smart factory will operate intelligently under the unified scheduling of the central control center, and the laser navigation AGV will also intelligently carry out material handling according to the instructions assigned by the system, so as to achieve the intelligent production goal of automatic order placement and factory intelligent scheduling. .

As an important scenario of 5G technology, smart factories are being vigorously developed. 5G networks will seamlessly connect production equipment to meet the needs of equipment interconnection and remote interactive applications in industrial environments.

The 5G network enables the AGV robot to have unlimited activity areas during the movement process, reach various locations on demand, and perform uninterrupted work in various scenarios and smooth switching of work content.

With the advent of 5G, the application scope of AGV will continue to expand. The environment that AGV needs to face will become more and more diverse, and the requirements for AGV technology will become higher and higher. The future development direction of upper technology should be big data (+ Internet), allowing AGV Real informatization and intelligence.

With the current national vigorous development and promotion of 5G communication network, this will realize the interconnection between various equipment, systems and people in the production process, so that the entire production process can be monitored and managed in real time, and the original communication network chaos can be greatly improved. The application situation has far-reaching and positive significance for promoting the implementation of the Industrial Internet and the deepening transformation of intelligent manufacturing.

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