Xiaomi exec explains why the Mi 10T series uses an LCD instead of LED panel

Xiaomi recently unveiled the Mi 10T 5G phones with the phone’s starting price of €449 (~$530) placing it on the leaderboard as one of the best 5G phones you can get for that price category.  The Mi 10T tags along with the Mi 10T Pro, both powered by a Snapdragon 865 chipset with a powerful camera system and big battery. Xiaomi exec explains why the Mi 10T series uses an LCD instead of LED panel

One area where Xiaomi threw in a surprise is the use of a 144Hz LCD screen instead of a high refresh rate OLED screen. In case you are wondering why,  a Xiaomi executive has elaborated on the decision to go with LCD in an interview with TechRadar.

Xiaomi’s product marketing manager Daniel Hoang Desjarlais reportedly stated that; “It is better to have a high-quality LCD, the best of the best LCD, versus a middling sort of AMOLED.”

The Xiaomi exec also mentioned eye strain as a reason to opt for LCD tech though. “There are issues with AMOLED and certain peoples’ eyes – I think it’s like 10% of the population, when looking at an AMOLED Display, experience very heavy eye strain,” Mr Hoang Desjarlais is reported to have said.

However, adducing eye strain as an excuse is not really tenable considering that DC dimming has come to the rescue in that regard. The Mi 10T series is considerably cheaper than other flagship models and it is believed that other factors like pricing are also responsible for the adoption of LCD panels in the Mi 10T series.

In addition, Mr Hoang Desjarlais also elaborated on why they opted for a flat screen rather than a curved panel, noting that the majority of users preferred the former option.

“I’ve done quite a bit of polling and user research on this,” the executive was quoted as saying, “60% of users prefer the flat edge, or flat displays,” the Xiaomi exec added.

We can attest to this as an independent poll conducted by Gizmochina back in February also shows a large number of respondents prefer the flat panel.

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