Xiaomi mobile phone male version of Xiao Ai classmates open the internal test: green onion, sunshine and vitality

On September 24, Xiaomi held a 5G new product launch conference, and Xiao Ai 3.0 was officially unveiled! At the press conference, three new functions of Xiao Ai 3.0 were announced: natural continuous voice dialogue, male version of Xiao Ai, and AI phone assistant.

Now the male voice version of Xiao Ai has started the internal test, and the long-awaited male voice package of Xiao Ai has been released! He is a sunshine boy, who will accompany you anytime, anywhere to make fun, help you with your work, make you happy, and be by your side all the time.

Users can set up the Xiaoai classmates APP according to their preferences, and freely switch between male or female voices. In the future, in addition to lively and lovely sweet girls, the ones who chat with you in the future can also be sunny and energetic youths.


The Links:   MG400Q2YS60A 2DI50A-120