Yamaha is ‘still investigating’ HDMI 2.1 receiver issues

Following yesterday's announcement from Sound United, Yamaha says that it is still investing the same issue in its receivers. Yamaha will also introduce new HDMI 2.1 receivers in the near future.    

Yamaha HDMI 2.1 bug

Sound United, the company behind Denon and Marantz, has seemingly given up trying to fix the HDMI 2.1 issues in its receivers, offering customers an external adapter. Yamaha receivers are also affected by the faulty HDMI 2.1 chip. The company has responded to FlatpanelsHD's request for comment with the following statement. - "Regarding the current models (RX-A2A,V6A,V4A), we're still investigating and considering how to respond with the issue. We will address the reported HDMI 2.1 issue via future updates in order to provide customers with the best solution available but it requires time to clarify all the issues around HDMI2.1," said Kei Sato, Corporate Communications, Yamaha. No further details were provided at this time so it is unclear if Yamaha is looking into a different solution than an HDMI adapter.

Yamaha is 'still investigating' HDMI 2.1 receiver issues

Yamaha RX-V6A is one of the receivers affected by the faulty HDMI 2.1 chip

New HDMI 2.1 receivers soon

Yamaha added that it is planning to launch new HDMI 2.1 receivers with 8K and 4K120 pass-through in the near future, perhaps even next month. - "We're planning to introduce 8K/60Hz and 4K/120Hz pass-through AV receivers in the near future (probably within a month)," said Yamaha.